My 7 tips to stay on track over Christmas

You’ve worked so hard all year.

You’ve made plenty of sacrifices to get towards your goal, and now the festive season is upon us.

I always get asked, how do I enjoy myself, but not lose everything I’ve achieved?

The answer?


You know what events you have coming up, your diary is booked up, so be prepared!

Here are my top 7 tips to not going too overboard… 😛

1. Loosely, track your food

You can do this by either setting a calorie goal per day and roughly entering what you consume (both food and drink), or use your food as a guide. Depending on your fitness goal, each meal should include a fist size of clean protein, a fist size of carbohydrates, half a fist of good fat, and as many green vegetables/salads as you desire (be careful of dressings/sauces). When dining out, you can’t always control how others prepare food so don’t get too caught up with over analysing. Just guess-timate.

If you are currently following a tighter nutrition plan, allow yourself a diet break. Make sure you are disciplined for the majority of the time, and allow room at the end of your day for lunches/dinners/deserts.

2. Know what events are coming up, and plan ahead!

This is similar to the tip above but the key to this is to BE ORGANISED. If you have a strong goal, there really is no excuse.

Plan ahead by preparing your meals.

Know when you can/can’t be flexible

Drink plenty of water!!

3. Still train and exercise

The festive season is a time to celebrate and enjoy moments with your family and friends. But you are still allowed to look after yourself! Your training can be slightly more relaxed than normal (maybe you only train 3 times a week instead of 5), but it is still important to train and move your body. Because you will likely to be consuming more calories than normal, you want to aim to exercise for a minimum of 40mins each day (if you are not in a current training program). Family walks on the beach are a great way to get everyone involved.

4. Avoid snacking

The temptation to snack on the chocolate covered almonds, the cheese and crackers, the fruit, can all lead to extra unnecessary calories. You know your meals will be big, so avoid snacking during the day and save your appetite for the main meals.

5. Drink for enjoyment, not to get drunk

Even though you are around friends and family, do you really want to be the person that has to get put to bed? Be disciplined with your drinking and space out your drinks with water or fruit flavoured soda water. Consuming too much alcohol normally goes hand in hand with poor food choices. At meals, aim for only 1-2 alcoholic beverages. This will be enough to enjoy your moments.

6. Learn to say NO.

There is going to be an abundance of food. We all know it and we all look forward to it. But just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it. If its something that you absolutely can’t say no to (like grandma’s favourite dessert) apply portion control. Allow yourself the treat, but don’t go overboard.

7. If you’re full, stop eating.

This is probably one of the bigger tips to apply and ties in with tips no.1 and 2. As soon as you are full, put your plate/fork down. Once you have filled your plate, avoid going back for seconds.

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