How to stay on track over Easter

My clients and I train hard all year round for our health and fitness goals. I know how hard it is to stay on track and grind every day. But we do it because we have a set goal in mind, and a passion for training. So when it comes to the holidays, how can we enjoy ourselves and not ruin all the hard work we have been putting in? Can you fully relax over the holiday? Will all your hard work come undone?

Heres what to do:


Are you going away over the break? Have you got a few social plans lined up? Will you be eating out a lot? These are the questions you need to ask BEFORE you go into the weekend. Most of my clients track their macro so my solution is to plan ahead.

If you know you are having breakfast and lunch at home and going our for dinner, pre-plan your food ahead of time. Make sure your breakfast and lunch have high sources of quality protein, fats and carbs. If you know the restaurant you are going to, look at the menu in advance to roughly enter in your dinner. That way you can make a few adjustments to the remainder of your day if you need to.

If you are traveling or staying out of town, again, be as organised as possible. Bring protein powders, and snacks that are suitable to your macro goals. You can buy pre-made salads from the supermarkets, and add extra protein like canned tuna or chicken to create a meal.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.


If you have a sweet tooth like me, you know you’re going to want an Easter egg (or two). You are allowed! The beauty of flexible dieting is that you can enjoy ALL foods without feeling guilty. Just be sure to enter your desired chocolate into your food diary at the start of the day, so as to not go over by the end.


This is my biggest tip and this applies all year round. The only person who puts food in your mouth, IS YOU. It is human nature to shift the blame to others but you are responsible for your own actions. Do not blame others for your inability to say NO. Remember, you have a plan, and a goal that you need to achieve! No amount of ‘peer pressure’ or negative talk should steer you from that path. Prioritise what is more important to YOU!


You cannot out train a bad diet. So if you decide to go all out and over indulge, smashing a 3 hour workout the following day isn’t going to make up for it. Instead, stay moving the entire weekend, to allow for the small increase in calories you may have. If you train in a gym, know that there will be Holiday Hours (most will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday).

You are allowed to move your body and feel good! It isn’t a bad thing to want to train over the weekend, in fact is is GOOD for you to move your body every day, no matter what day it is. On your training days, make sure you are still giving your 100% in the gym. On your rest/recovery days, still try to ‘move’ your body for 30-45mins on top of your daily activities. This could mean a light walk/jog/swim or even taking the kids/your partner down to the park to have a run around. Be creative but most importantly, have fun!

At the end of the day, remember to not sweat the small stuff. One bad meal will not make you gain weight, just as one salad won’t make you lose weight.

If you are organised and prepared, your are unstoppable 🙂

Know when to let your hair down, and know when to be in control.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

Love Ash


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