My mission as a personal trainer is to educate, and guide my clients to finding their true health and fitness potential. I believe that there is no 'one-method-fits-all' approach, and that balance is the key to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 

Fitness is a LIFE LONG journey, and I aim to help you find the path you can sustain. 

My journey into becoming a trainer began with an uneducated, unhealthy lifestyle. I realised I didn't want to continue down this path of poor drinking and eating habits, but I didn't know how to do it correctly. I trained religiously as a teenager for athletics, touch football, and the performing arts, so I already had a love for fitness, but I didn't know how to transition this into training myself. So I needed to further my training and nutrition knowledge, and this led me to becoming a qualified Master Trainer. 

Just like you,

I have made the sacrifices.

I have endured the hardship.

I know the struggles it takes to accomplish great things. 

But just know that all this is worth it and MORE if you can wake up each morning feeling confident, happy, positive and healthy

I am with you, and for you.

Together, we are unstoppable!

Ash Besse


Are you ready for..

LEAN 1.0



I have been suffering from general anxiety disorder which led to a severe eating disorder. I love food but I was afraid of it and never felt good about myself either. I have been to therapists and support groups and they helped.

I bumped into Ashleigh who used to work at a fitness club I used to go to. Fast forward 3 months and I am now eating chicken and red meat for the first time in years! I am building muscle, and I’m learning that mind is over matter.

The funny thing is she was the only one who knew exactly what I wanted in terms of image. She listened to what makes me afraid and help me take baby steps to put into action. I have come a long way now and I can hold heavier weights!


I am still in recovery, and I still have a long way to go, but I am loving every minute of my training and my journey. She genuinely gives me her energy, time and heart.

—  Anonymous until recovered