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I met Ash in 2015 when she was a trainer at F45. I have been training with her for about 3 years now.

Sessions with Ash are like doses of energy boosters. Ash is a highly motivational and professional trainer. Sessions with her are highly tailored to suit my needs as a swimming athlete. Ash gives 100% attention during sessions which have lead to zero injuries during my time with her. Constantly pushing you past your limit even when I don’t believe I can do so always ends up very well. I was able to put my trust in Ash through every session.

There has been a very big impact both mentally and physically. Ash helps with the dieting that complements training and occasionally gives her opinion on stuff outside training. Her positive and motivational attitude has given me a wider perspective. As for physical growth, it is astounding. Fitness level has grown to an unexpected level and weight loss comes without mention. I feel stronger and healthier after every session with Ash and those tiny steps add up!

I enjoy every single session!

Rach Ting

I have been suffering from general anxiety disorder which led to a severe eating disorder. I love food but I was afraid of it and never felt good about myself either. I have been to therapists and support groups and they helped.

I bumped into Ashleigh who used to work at a fitness club I used to go to. Fast forward 3 months and I am now eating chicken and red meat for the first time in years! I am building muscle, and I’m learning that mind is over matter.

The funny thing is she was the only one who knew exactly what I wanted in terms of image. She listened to what makes me afraid and help me take baby steps to put into action. I have come a long way now and I can hold heavier weights!

I am still in recovery, and I still have a long way to go, but I am loving every minute of my training and my journey. She genuinely gives me her energy, time and heart.

I have learnt to love myself again and gain confidence in my thoughts, actions and body! I have absolutely loved the training and how hard it pushes you both mentally and physically, the workouts are never boring and continuously changing. I have learnt so many new structures to a workout and how each can target different fat burning stages when accompanied with the right dietary choices. I could not imagine not doing Ash's program each day, I genuinely look forward to it!

Mentally I am not stuck in the time old "female headspace" under-eating and cardio queen, I have grown to understand how to listen to my body and appreciate all the ups and downs that are accompanied in a fitness journey. Physically my body has leaned out so much from the beginning and I am getting stronger by the day as well as the MASSIVE improvement in my aerobic capacity! So far I have dropped almost 5kg and 5% body fat!

I would absolutely recommend Ash as your trainer! I can't speak any higher of Ash's service as a PT, professional and life coach! If you're even stuck on who to pick as your PT, Ash should be your #1 choice, trust me you won't be disappointed!


I started with Ash at the end of September just after i quit swimming and it was the best decision i had ever made! i’ve seen my body change in ways i never thought it could and i’m lifting in ways i also didn’t think i could and i feel incredible! Ash is an incredible trainer and i couldn’t imagine training with everyone else!

Taiha. M

I first started training with Ash because I needed some major help in achieving my goals and becoming the best person I can be. Without a doubt, her help has been invaluable as I’ve learnt and achieved so much in the few months I’ve been a part of her crew.

Ash has a knack for knowing exactly what to say when I need that little extra motivation which can only come from years of experience and dedication as a personal trainer. Not to mention, she is a joy to train with and I always look forward to our 1 on 1 sessions each week.

As long as she doesn’t get sick of my terrible puns, I hope to be training with Ash for a long time to come!

Peter. D

I started training with Ash to be fit and look good. Since training with Ash, my perception of fitness has changed completely. It's not just about looking good anymore... it's about being the fittest you can possibly be, and Ash has the knowledge and skills to get me there.

Deutsche. S

Why you started? I started off because I had really bad postnatal depression after having my daughter and gym took my mind off everything for a while.

The benefits you’ve found? I’ve gained weight at 23 years old I’m finally sitting at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been I’m usually around the 40-45kg mark I’m now almost up in the 60kg range. I also have muscles!

The wins you’ve had? Body confidence, weight gain, mental mindset completely changed and friendships from fellow people at the gym.


When looking for a personal trainer you usually have a few things in mind of what you’re after. The type of person you want to help guide you to whatever goals you have. Ash stands out for a reason. Her commitment to learning and knowledge means you are continuously provided with the most up to date information, strategies and ways to edge you closer to your goal, making it easier than ever. She is committed to not only providing you with top quality training, but also in bettering herself to ensure she shows up ready to take you to your next level. Ash covers a broad spectrum of expertise to appeal to any goal, in my experience: strength and conditioning, capacity, endurance and mindset training. Ash has successfully guided me through different phases of fitness, each tailored to what I respond best to while additionally making the process very enjoyable.

Cass. B

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